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While I was looking through photos from the Summer for my last post, I found some snaps I took from a very exciting event. At the start of May, Cosmopolitan, along with THX, hosted a competition aimed at hairstylists. 10 contestants went head to head, creating two hair styles on models, and were judged by none other than Nicky Clarke. The winner got recognition in the May issue of Cosmo as well as a goody bag filled with THX products. The originally shout out of the competition is here if you want to check it out.

I was lucky enough to help out on the day as a hair model, and it was such an amazing experience!

The day begun by meeting in a studio in London, where we were served a breakfast buffet and had the opportunity to meet the other contestants IMG_2097and hair models. As I walked into the studio, I looked around and saw groups of people chatting over coffee and photographers setting up. Everyone already seemed to know each other, and I had no idea where to begin. I then noticed a young man leaning against the window ledge, who looked as lost as I was, so I walked up to him and introduced myself. I found out that his name was Georgie and he was one of the hairdressers in the competition. Most of the contestants had brought they’re own models with them from home, but Georgie and me had come alone. We soon decided to join forces and give it our best shot at the competition.


Georgie and I getting ready for the showdown

After breakfast, we all had our make-up done by professional make-up artists, and then each couple (hairstylist and model) had to pick a work area (chair and mirror). Soon after taking our seats, the judging panel including Nicky Clarke walked through the doors of the studio and all eyes were on him. Personally, I’m not a massive fan of Nicky, but I also don’t have anything against him. However, all the hairdressers/contestants were buzzing at his presence.

Once settled, the judging panel welcomed us all to the competition and the fun began.

IMG_2103.JPG IMG_2104

We had two styles made up. Each under a different category but unfortunately I can’t remember what they were 🙁


Throughout the day I made friends with the other stylists and models. There was plenty of opportunities to chat. Everyone was so friendly and talkative. Lunch was also served, along with chocolate cake, sweets and popcorn. It literally felt like a massive slumber party, except with much more style.

Many photographs and selfies were taken, as well as memories made. The day ended with a group photo of all 20 of us, as well as with the judges. The winner of the THX competition was also announced, which although it wasn’t Georgie, he did come in second place on the second hair do!



At the end of the day, each contestant got to keep the THX heat stylers and products, and the hair models were given a Cosmopolitan goody bag as a thank you gesture.


Cosmopolitan Goody Bag

I can’t remember exactly what the bag contained but these are some of the items: Phone case, body moisturiser, Soap&Glory Sit Tight, Olay razor, dry shampoo, a book, socks, Nivea in body moisturiser, hand soap etc… (but not the popcorn, I took that from the buffet haha)


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