Braided Hairstyles Inspiration

I’m absolutely loving braided hairstyles at the moment, but theres only one problem… I can’t do them lol. Ok, that’s a pretty big problem. I can do a simple french braid and a fishtail braid, but the dutch braid is so hard to master. Especially when any of these braids are started from the top of your head. If you’re reading this and can do these braids, I am so jealous. How, just how?

For todays post I really wanted to do a selection of hair tutorials, showing you guys my favourite braids. But after spending what must of been hours attempting to braid my hair from the top, I gave up lol. So instead I have gathered some images from Google and Tumblr of braided hairstyles that I love, and hopefully, for those of you who are very talented and also love braids, these pics can inspire you.

I have also set myself a goal for the rest of the year: Learn to braid 🙈


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