OOTD & What I Picked Up in Town


Jumper: Hollister

Leggings: Forever 21

Coat: Topshop

Boots: Office

Frilly Socks: Primark

Jewellery: Accesorize

Call me crazy but I really haven’t been in a clothes shopping mood recently. Instead, late night shopping this evening consisted of a quick Primark browse for PJs and bedroom decor 🙂

I’m one of those girls that the minute I get home I change into my PJs. They’re just so comfy and warm. Who else does this? My mum picked me out these polar bear bottoms, then when I saw Olaf I just had to buy another pair.

I also found this throw in Primark for only £12. I’m trying to make my bedroom an earthy/nature feel for Autumn/Winter by using fur cushions and wooden decor, so I thought this wolf-like throw would be perfect to match my room. It’s really fluffy and soft, and the inside lining is velvet.


I’m such a big kid and have a sweetie jar in my room. It’s actually pretty perfect for when you have friends round, or when you watch movies in bed (maybe I should bring my popcorn maker upstairs too). Anyway,  I decided to buy some Halloween sweets to top up my jar 🙂

The final item I bought today was this glitter orange nail varnish. Pretty self explanatory, I just thought the sparkle added some festivity to the season.


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