Yogurt Style Cheesecake

G’Evening bloggers 🙂 Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend so far.

I’m going to jump straight into it with today’s post. I’m not really sure what this dessert is called, but the appearance resembles a cheesecake, except it’s made mostly with yogurt. It’s really good, especially if you eat it half frozen. In fact, if you’re from the UK, do you remember Frubes? Those yogurt tubes everyone had in their lunchbox… And then one year they released the ones you can put in the freezer… If you know what I’m rambling about, then this dessert kind of tastes like that.

Ramble over, here’s the recipe 🙂

For this recipe you will need:

2 cups of natural yogurt

1 cup of double cream (or whipped cream)

100ml condensed milk

1/4 cup of caster sugar

For the base:

15 plain biscuits (depending how thick you want the base)

60g approx of butter

1. Begin by crumbling all the biscuits in a bowl, then melt the butter in the microwave for approx 30 seconds. Once melted, mix the two ingredients together, then add this mixture to a round tin, pressing it firmly to the base. (Make sure your tin is quite deep as this is where the dessert will set later in the freezer).

1a. Put the tin with your prepared base in the fridge whilst you make the rest of the recipe.

2. In a clean bowl, whisk the double cream until it forms a thick consistency.

3. Fold in the caster sugar, bit by bit.

4. Next, fold in the condensed milk and yogurt.

5. Once the mixture is well combined, take your tin out of the fridge and pour the mixture into it, spreading the surface evenly.

5a. Decorate with any fruit of choice, and leave to chill in the freezer for 3 hours.

Enjoy 🙂



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