Youtube Artists I Love

I’ve always loved listening to music on Youtube and discovering new artists. I remember when I used to listen to Justin Bieber back in the day before he got famous. Conor Maynard is another artist whose videos I used to love watching. He did an awesome cover of (funny enough) Justin Bieber and Chris Brown’ s song ‘Next to You’, which to this day I still listen to.

There are quite a few Youtube artists that I adore and deserve more recognition. So I thought I’d share them with you all today. Let me know which ones you’ve heard of.

Dave Days

Sub Count: 1,611,681

I’ve been listening to Dave Days since high school. His early videos are parody’s of Miley Cyrus’ hits and in my opinion his best videos to date. Dave used to own a cardboard cutout of Miley and would sing these parody’s with his friends (and band) about his love for the pop star. The video I linked below is his final video of the Miley Cyrus collection, where Miley actually stars in.

Mia Rose

Sub Count: 306,896

Mia Rose is a beautiful and a mega talented singer/song-writer/guitarist. I also started listening to her back in high school. The song below is one of her originals titled ‘Friends in Love’ and was first released six years ago 😳 (I feel old). She does a mixture of covers and originals on her channel, and has recently started vlogging, tutorials and other fun vids. Mia is definately one of my favourite Youtube artists.

Esmée Denters

Sub Count: 242,303

You may recognise Esmée from The Voice UK. She got signed by Justin Timberlake’s record label at 19-years-old and released a few songs with the artist including ‘Casanova’ which I still have on my iPod.  I’ve been following Esmée since the beginning and was so shocked when I found out she was on The Voice.

Hobbie Stuart

Sub Count: 315,803

Now, I’m sure loads of you know of Hobbie. I’ve watched him in quite a few of Gabriella Lindley’s vlogs and in his duet cover with her of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Love Me Like You Do’, but only today did I start listening to his music and omg it is so good! I am actually addicted. Hobbie produces both covers and originals, and I can’t wait for him to go on tour again now that I am a fan.

What Youtube artists do you like? Let me know, I’d love to check them out.


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