7 Days of Halloween | #1 Costume Ideas

It’s officially exactly one week until Halloween! #excited

I haven’t planned Halloween this year. I have no idea if I will be going out to celebrate or opting for a quiet night in, perhaps with a few scary movies. There is always so much going on in and around London this time of year including: ghost tours, theme park fright nights, Tulley’s farm, club nights ect… I’ve always really wanted to take part in a murder mystery dinner too, but I think I’ve left it too late this year.  So, I have absolutely no clue as to where I’ll this time next week, but all the same, I’m excited.

In order to ‘celebrate’ Halloween, I thought it would be fun to blog a Halloween post each day for the next seven days as a sort of countdown to the fun. I’ve already got each day planned, and they’re just going to be simple, fun ideas to get into Halloween spirit.

I really hope you enjoy this short series, and as always, feel free to drop a comment and let me know about your Halloween plans. I love hearing from you guys.


🎃 Hermoine Granger

🎃 Maleficent

🎃 Fallen Angel (Large black wings)

🎃 Victoria’s Secret Angel (White dress, wings and perhaps a mask) < My Fave

🎃 Poison Ivy

🎃 The Black Swan

🎃 Dead Doll

🎃 Misty from Pokémon

🎃 Bat

🎃 Any Disney Princess (Add blood and cuts)


🍁 Captain America

🍁 Vampire

🍁 Superman

🍁 Wear Wolf

🍁 Sloth from The Goonies

🍁 Magic Mike (May be better in a group)

🍁 Wreck it Ralph

🍁 Clown

It Takes Two

🎃 Team Rocket from Pokémon

🎃 Anna and Elsa (Add some blood)

🎃 Wonder Woman and Superman

🎃 Micky and Minnie Mouse

🎃 Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?



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