7 Days of Halloween | #6 Pumpkin Carving

πŸŽƒ Days until Halloween: 2

#1 Costume Ideas

#2 Decor

#3 Pumpkin Patch &PSL

#4 Bloody Nails in 3 Steps

#5 Shattered Glass Cupcakes

There’s only one day left until Halloween, I can’t believe how quick the week has gone by. On Tuesday I visited my local pumpkin patchΒ with my boyfriend, Josh and we picked a pumpkin each to carve later on in the week. As we’ve been having a pretty chilled day today, we decided to carve them this evening and have a bit of fun by attempting to make some creative designs.

On the left is Toothless from ‘How to train your dragon’, and on the right is a wolf. Can you guess who’s is who’s?

3 thoughts on “7 Days of Halloween | #6 Pumpkin Carving

  1. Both are amazing! I’m carving my pumpkins tomorrow and then putting up my blog post for them on Saturday! Can’t believe Halloween will be over soon 😦


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