Chocolate Easter Cake Recipe

Hello Bloggers!

How is it Easter already? It feels like Christmas was only last week.

A few days ago my mum surprised me with the ‘Baking Heaven’ magazine which was filled cover to cover with the most amazing Easter inspired recipes. I spent the evening in awe with the amazing creations in this magazine, and just knew I had to recreate one in time for Sunday.

However, I didn’t want to 100% copy an original recipe, especially as the base of the cake I made is indeed from the magazine. Instead, I decided to customise the decorations and icing. I recently bought mini Easter Egg moulds from Lakeland, and used this for the first time. It was actually surprisingly easy to use, and I would definitely recommend them – especially if you’re baking with children.

Anyway, before I ramble anymore, here is the link to my DIY on Youtube. I really hope you guys like it.

Happy Easter! 🐣

(Ps. If you haven’t already tried Galaxy Golden Eggs, do so. They’re amazing!)



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