Sri Lanka Vlogs!

Hello Bloggers!

Just a quick post this evening, as I’ve got lots of studying to do for a very exciting opportunity I have tomorrow.

In July 2014 I visited Sri Lanka on holiday, and filmed sooo much footage with the intention of editing it into a vlog for YouTube. I never had the courage to upload it, until now. As I’m also going to vlog my holiday in Florida next month, I thought editing these vids now would be a perfect opportunity to practice this new  hobby I’ve fallen in love with.

I have two vlogs up so far, and many more to come! They include: elephant riding, an insight into diamonds and sapphires, and how they’re transformed into beautiful statements of jewellery; and lots of culture.

I’ll link these vlogs down below, but please make sure to subscribe to my channel if you enjoy these travel pieces. Like I said above, there’s plenty more in the making 🙂

Sweet sleeps bloggers!

2 thoughts on “Sri Lanka Vlogs!

    1. Definitely! It is absolutely beautiful and breath taking there. So much to see and do. Would recommend a tour guide too! Ill be uploading more vlogs of different places in Sri Lanka and what there is to see in each place xx

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