The Best Weekend in Wiltshire

Hello Bloggers,

I’m back! After a very long year offline, I am ready to fully commit back to my little neglected blog. What’s new? Honestly not a lot. I’m working full time in North London as a copywriter, and I’ve got an incredible holiday lined up in the next couple of weeks. I’ve also discovered a new found love for rosé wine, and still spend way too much money on clothes that I definitely do not need. Alas, I am back on The Beau Life, making the most of the gorgeous 21 degrees heat here in Surrey, writing my first post in the garden just like old times.

Last weekend was the most amazing time I’ve had in one heck of a long time. Inspired by none other than Zoella (do not judge), I rang my best friend and hyped her up for a weekend away in Wiltshire. After a very long drive, a lot of 00s tunes and a very confusing detour around Swindon’s Magic Roundabout, we arrived at our cosy little room at the Holiday Inn. If you’re ever near Swindon, I would recommended stopping at their designer outlet. Now, it doesn’t quite compare to Bicester Village, but where it’s built (an old railway station) is worth a visit alone. Enough about shops though, this post is really about Lacock – home to Hogwarts and former village of business woman, Zoe Sugg.

lacock abbey wiltshire hogwarts harry potterlacock abbey wiltshire hogwarts harry potter filming location

Arriving at Lacock Abbey, myself and Beth were fan-girling like there was no tomorrow. I’m not even Harry Potter obsessed, but stepping foot inside Hogwarts’ hall was amazing! I was surprised to find the abbey’s corridors to be quite narrow and really not very long, so big it up to the wide angle lens. We took many photos, hummed the theme tune one too many times and quoted “you’re a wizard, Harry”, in every room we stepped into; then it was time to move onto Lacock village, a minutes walk down the hill.

lacock abbey wiltshire zoe sugg zoella primary schoollacock abbey wiltshire zoe sugg zoella

I cannot recommend enough how worth a visit this quaint little village is. It felt like stepping back in time; I was half expecting to see people dressed in floor length dresses and flat caps riding a penny-farthing down the paths. I could truly spend hours here getting lost in every nook and cranny. There’s old fashioned bakeries, a pretty church and several pubs serving Sunday roasts and homemade ice cream. I spent the weekend with an old friend, laying on the grass, making daisy chains taking endless snapchats and reminiscing over old times, but if you have a special someone, then Lacock would make a wonderful date.

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