A Dream Come True at Atlantis – The Bahamas!

Atlantis The Bahamas water park Caribbean

Ever since I watched Mary-Kate and Ashley, Island in the Sun as a kid, I knew that I just had to visit The Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas. I fell in love with the waterpark, the aquarium and all of the exciting activities they seemed to be doing in the film. Last month my dream came true and I got to tick this off my bucket list.

We had our summer holiday early this year and I’ve managed to vlog a fair bit of it, including our time at The Atlantis, so I’ll upload that onto YouTube soon. As a sum up though, we flew to Miami, Florida and spent two days there before embarking on a cruise around the Caribbean, where one of the stops was at The Bahamas, thus this spontaneous – definitely planned the minute we knew we were stopping here – trip to the waterpark.

Atlantis The Bahamas water park Caribbean Atlantis The Bahamas water park Caribbean Atlantis The Bahamas water park Caribbean Atlantis The Bahamas water park Caribbean

The only ride I really knew about was ‘The Leap of Faith’; a 60-foot, practically vertical drop from the Mayan Temple through a clear tunnel submerged in a shark tank. Only thing I didn’t realise prior, was that the vertical drop was even a thing, but my God was it amazing! I almost wish that you went through the tunnel slower, so that you could see the sharks more clearly, but that’s where the ‘Serpent Slide’ comes into play.

Atlantis The Bahamas water park Caribbean shark slide

The ‘Serpent Slide’ my sister and I did repeatedly. It was so surreal to be slowly floating down the tunnel surrounded by sharks left, right and centre above!

Atlantis The Bahamas water park Caribbean Atlantis The Bahamas water park Caribbean

And then there’s the ‘Challenger Slide’, which pretty much speaks for itself. I won – although my sister still insists I cheated (I may of)…

Another favourite of mine (second to ‘Leap of Faith’) has got to be ‘The Abyss’. If you ever get the chance to visit The Atlantis Waterpark, make sure you go on this ride. Funny thing is, when queuing up we were almost scared out of it, being warned that it’s pitch black and one of the ‘more scary’ rides. Plus, when you’re told that there’s “a surprise” at the end of the tunnel, that can only be a bad thing, right? I’ll leave that bit to your imagination though.

Atlantis The Bahamas water park Caribbean fishAtlantis The Bahamas water park Caribbean aquarium mary kate and ashley

Then of course there’s the aquariums. Beautiful and well worth a visit if you’re there, however I wouldn’t say they’re a massive part of the day as they don’t take long to walk around, and there’s so many open tanks with turtles, mantarays, dolphins and sharks to see around the park.

Well, there we have it – a life-long dream come true at The Bahamas. Let me know if you’ve visited before and what your favourite part was.


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  1. May 15, 2017 / 10:46 am

    So beautiful! I would love to go there one day. I love the photo of you and the fishy! Simply magical 🙂

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