Evening A La Tapas

I recently came back from a mini break in Northern Spain, visiting la familia and all of that fun stuff. Each time we visit home we always make sure we spend at least one evening in the renowned street of  Calle del Laurel. Based in Logroño, this street is where friends and family of all ages unite to tuck into tapas and essentially bar crawl – Spanish style. The idea is that you start from one end of the strip, slowly working your way down, whilst stopping in each bar to enjoy a tapa and glass of wine/beer.

Each bar has its own speciality whether that be patatas bravas (brave potatoes), croquetas de jamon (ham croquettes), mushrooms with prawns on bread, octopus and so much more! Each tapa can cost you anything from €2 to perhaps €4. The best bit though, is that a small glass of Rioja wine is only €2.50! I still can’t over it – working and going out in London, a glass of cheap rosé starts at £6!

The image above of the “brave potatoes” is one of my favourite tapas to order. It’s literally just chopped potatoes fried to perfection, coated in alioli (garlic mayonnaise) and a spicy tomato sauce. The dish gets the name “brave” due to this spicy sauce, although you can order them “raras”, translating as “weird” – in other words with less of a kick!

My sister and I returned the following week with our childhood friends and an empty stomach – my kind of night out! Have you tried tapas before? What’s your favourite one?



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