City Girl in the Country – Exploring Lacock!

Okay, okay, I’m not gonna lie, Lacock is not exactly a ‘new’ discovery for me. In fact, I’ve even blogged about this beautiful village at the beginning of the year. So why blog again? Well last time I visited, my friend and I focussed mostly on the abbey – otherwise known as Harry Potter’s Hogwarts – but this time around it was inside the village itself where the hours flew by.


This quaint little village is truly a thing from the movies, which doesn’t surprise me as many period dramas including Cranford, Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey were in fact filmed here. The cottages and local shops remain as if untouched, with board and batten shutters, man made walls and wildflowers growing between the crevices of them.





One of the things I love most about Lacock is the honesty of the locals. Having been born, brought up and still currently residing in London, you have the guarantee that if you leave something out on the street, whether it’d be in good will or not, it will be lost within the hour. On my first visit to Lacock I noticed that one of the locals had left items by their front door – just like a car boot sale – and passers by were trusted to post money through the letterbox for the items they’d wish to purchase. On this visit second time around, other residents had done the same but with produce and thread, and honestly, how bloody wonderful is that?!



Continuing on our stroll through the village, we popped inside one of the few vintage style shops. I absolutely loved rummaging through the isles of homemade crafts, quirky homeware pieces and one of a kind furniture sets including shabby chic mirrors. I resisted on many decor items but did buy a hand painted coaster with my initial on. Oh, and HP lovers, this corner of Lacock holds many shopaholic wonders!



Another quick Harry Potter reference; the house below was actually used as the outside of James and Lily Potter’s home! Guessing the homeowners had enough of tourists though and issued themselves a private sign – whoops! (Thanks to Zoella on letting us in on that little secret).



That concludes tonight’s post. Have you visited Lacock? Comment below! 🙂


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