Welcoming Autumn

I’ve always said that I’m a summer baby. Born in late July, obsessed with the ocean and still convinced that mermaids are in fact real. But truth is, there’s something about autumn that I just can’t shake.

autumn sunflowers at garsons farmautumn sunflowers at garsons farm

Perhaps it’s the pumpkin picking, a childhood tradition that I’ve followed through into my twenties; or the scented candles we light each evening by the crackling fireplace. It’s the fireworks you gaze at in awe through your living room window. The throws you immerse yourself under as you snuggle with your loved one watching a bad movie. That even though the nights are getting longer, you don’t mind because there’s nowhere you’d rather be than at home.

Of course we can’t forget about Halloween though. I feel this calendar event is very hit and miss with most people as you grow older. Personally, I love it. I will literally spend the whole month of October decorating our family home with Homesense decor, indulging in the holiday treats and no matter how old I get, I will still always set outside a carved pumpkin for passing trick-or-treaters.

autumn sunflowers at garsons farm

What about you? What’s favourite thing about autumn?



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  1. November 3, 2017 / 12:21 pm

    I just love all of the Autumnal colours, burnt oranges, mustards and deep purples! There’s something so cosy about the colours šŸ™‚

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