Life Update – Throwback, Goals + Exciting News!

So where do I start? Truth is if anyone could of told me how this year would pan out I would not of believed them. My present status now is far from what I had planned this time last year, but whose to say I’m worse off? Truth is I’m happy, and for the first time in years I feel like myself and I feel so much overwhelming support from the ones I love, that I know no matter what happens, things can never go wrong.

Now I know it’s a little too early for a ‘New Year, New Me’ post, but I don’t want to wait until January 1st to make my goals count. 2017 for me has been a year of emotional turmoil and heartbreak, but I’ve also come out of it another year older and as the saying goes, definitely much wiser. I’ve learnt to pick myself up through the darkest of times, conquer the peak of my anxiety, and that my true friends will always be there with a bottle of Rosé no matter what.

Things haven’t been all doom and gloom though. I’ve actually met someone and lets just say he’s nothing short from Chuck Bass. We’re talking slow dancing to Frank Sinatra in the middle of the kitchen, flowers just because, late nights making puzzles, surprise date nights, and I can even beat him at Monopoly. I’ve met someone with whom I want to grow, but most importantly, wants to grow with me.

I’ve also got an exciting announcement to make – if you follow me on Instagram you’d of seen this very cheesy post – I’ve got a new job! I’ve been unhappy in my current role for a while now, and the hour-long commute to North London along with 12-hour days out the house really took it’s toll. I’m now working 10-minutes down the road from my house within a thriving company that offer opportunities to develop. I’ve literally been counting down the days until I start. I even get Christmas off! Happy, happy, happy!

So what’s next? Fingers crossed by next summer I’ll be able to start looking at shared ownerships. But before then, myself and ‘Chuck’ AKA Manchester Boy have got a couple of city breaks booked starting with Berlin at the end of the month.

I want to end today’s post with a very cheesy but important bit of advice I’ve learnt this year, and that’s to keep going. If you’re in a down point of your chapter, or if there’s something you want but it seems almost impossible to achieve, just keep pushing and believing in yourself. Talk to your close friends and open up to the people who care about you, because trust me, they want to help if that’s what’ll make you happy. I’ve been reminded almost daily that if you just jump, a net will appear.






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