A Weekend in Copenhagen

a weekend in copenhagen denmark what to do a weekend in copenhagen denmark what to do

I actually booked Copenhagen on a whim and with a little inspiration from my friends. There’s so many places we want to visit and the hardest part was deciding where to start. I also only knew very little about what is actually in Copenhagen before visiting – except of course the infamous Little Mermaid; and anyone who’s met me for longer than a day will know how in love I am with the ‘un-mythical’ sea creature. So thinking mermaids, fairytale castles and two very open minds, let 2018’s travel bucket list commence.

a weekend in copenhagen denmark what to do the round towera weekend in copenhagen denmark what to do

I always find that there’s really only so much planning you can do before visiting a new destination. Sure you can research into the city, the museums, the bars, but until you step foot and take in your surroundings, you really only have a brief idea of what to expect. One thing I love to do on these kinda breaks is become that cheesy tourist and spend the day, or even half a day exploring the city by foot or in our case, bike – cycling is a way of life to locals and there’s rentals on every corner. It’s also a must do when in the city!

If you’re looking for a view whilst in Copenhagen then head over to The Round Tower. The view from this 17th century observatory kinda reminded me of 101 Dalmatians, with doll house charm and sharp roofs in the distance. It’s also a fun walk up (and better piggy back down), with several windows to peer out of, an old century loo to peek into, alongside an art gallery and gift shop half way up.

a weekend in copenhagen denmark what to do

Contradictory to the above, the one thing we did pre-book was the Copenhagen Card and I cannot recommend this enough! It works out at around 90 euros each for 72-hours but it gets you free transport on trains, trams and busses, as well as free entry into tones of attractions, castles and museums, plus an additional discount on other points of interest. And trust me when I say Copenhagen is bloody expensive. We’re talking £3 for a bag of crisps and £7-9 a pint… so saving your dollar wherever possible by having this all pre-paid is more than worth it.

a weekend in copenhagen denmark what to do a weekend in copenhagen denmark what to do

So these photos were actually taken on our last day. We woke up early and went for a walk through Nyhavn, getting ‘lost’ and ending up strolling along the riverside and past these beach huts above that belonged each to the King and Queen of Denmark. This walk was really beautiful and cosy. It was also so unbelievably cold, but the winter sun shining bright on your face only made it memorable. I’ve got my fingers crossed for embarking on an interrailing adventure this summer, and I’d love to go back to Copenhagen for a day or two and do this same trail by bike. A few of the main attractions turned out to be closed this time around, like Tivoli Gardens and the street food market, so I’d definitely want to take advantage and pop in on a layover. Perhaps even visit a few more of the castles we missed.

a weekend in copenhagen denmark what to do Now I was really debating visiting Copenhagen zoo. I completely agree that animals shouldn’t be kept in enclosures and I wouldn’t pay and ‘support’ this. However both the zoo and the aquarium were included in the card so we bit the bullet and jumped on a bus. The main resident of the zoo I would say is North. This was such an opportunity to see a polar bear up close, and I can’t describe how incredible it felt each time he brushed past the glass in front of our eyes. The size of even just one of his paws must of been bigger than my face! And his fur was beyond mesmerising in the ripples under the water. I fell so in love with him that we played on the grabby machine and won a plush toy polar bear (with a toy story moment, free extra plush seal) to take home. I’m a child at heart.

a weekend in copenhagen denmark what to do the little mermaid

Copenhagen is such a beautiful city and I will definitely be revisiting it at some point in the future. Although this time I’ll be planning more trips in the warmer weather.

So what’s next on my travel bucket list?

  • Switzerland
  • Prague
  • Paris
  • Amsterdam
  • Kenya (safari)
  • Chicago
  • Nashville
  • Tenesse
  • New York
  • Canada
  • Egypt
  • Portugal
  • Lake District
  • Verona (Romeo and Juliet)
  • Venice

There’s obviously soo many more, but comment below where you think I should go next!



  1. 1stephloves
    February 28, 2018 / 11:22 am

    Your pictures are beautiful hun. Love this post. Copenhagen is on my travel list at the moment and this makes me want to go even more. Nice post <3 xxx

    • romidivito
      March 1, 2018 / 10:56 am

      Thanks lovely! It’s such a pretty place. I’d recommend waiting ’till summer though if you do visit – there’ll be a lot more open 🙂 xxx

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