Easter at Gaston Farm

I absolutely love Easter. Not only does chocolate taste 10 times better in the shape of an egg, but there’s always so much to do around this time of year. Over the weekend I went on a road trip to Gaston Farm with one of my girl friends and fellow blogger Sophie. I first visited this farm back in my uni days when I studied in Southampton, and fell in love with the place. Unlike many other farms I’ve been to as a kid, Gaston is much smaller and family run alongside a dedicated team of young volunteers, which I feel gives off a more homely vibe and freedom to welcomely roam around the premises.

Being Spring, it was open lambing season; so there’s a large pen filled with heavily pregnant sheep waiting to give birth any day now, and if you’re lucky enough you may even get to see nature in all its blood and glory. This adorable little lamb in the above photo was only born that very morning. If you look closely enough you can even see it’s umbilical cord.

Later on in the day, as we passed by this pen again, we noticed another sheep had given birth to a lamb and it’s twin was still to come. I did get a few photos of this, but don’t worry I haven’t included them you’ll be glad to know (unless you’re weirdly fascinated by this kinda stuff like me). We waited for what seemed like forever for twin two to arrive and eventually got a bit bored, so we wandered off onto the next section of the farm, with plans to return later and hopefully catch the birth… we missed the birth, but did see both babies looking extremely cute!

Another great thing about Gaston is that you can buy a cup of feed for just 50p. I swear all these sheep do is eat 24/7, yet somehow they are never full up. Must be the pregnancy symptoms?

Now this little girl has got to be the cutest puppy I have ever seen. Just look at them eyes, as if butter wouldn’t melt! Like any farm, Gaston is home to sheepdogs, and this cutie Ellie is just four-weeks-old. Can I also just add what an amazing job this girl holding the pup has?!

As we continued on through the day this puppy kept appearing in different sections of the farm, and we literally couldn’t get enough of her. I must have at least 30 photos of her on my film roll; but who could blame me? Ellie also provided a perfect distraction from the long arse queue we were in for the duck handling.

Yes, I said duck handling. Look at this little thing! She literally falls asleep on your lap in a second. I need one. Or two. Or a few. Fun, random fact about me though – I used to have a pet duckling when I was younger. In fact I used to have two. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this on my blog (I most probably have, but) I’m half Spanish, and when I was about 15 I used to spend my whole summer, every summer, in Spain as I had an amazing group of friends there. This one summer everyone seemed to be buying ducklings and posting images on social media. Turns out that a local pet shop was selling them at €2 each, so me and a friend bought one and named him Diro. He was the sweetest thing and we took care of him like there was no tomorrow. When summer came to an end my friend kept him, until he got too big and had to be given up to a local farm.

Unfortunately some lambs like this little one become orphans. When this happens, excess milk gets collected from other sheep that have given birth and donated to these little’uns so that they can have a healthy start to lamb-life.

After a fun afternoon filled with plenty of cuddles from all sorts of fluffy creatures, we headed home completely in love with our new friends and desperate to buy an Ellie puppy. If you live around West Sussex I’d definitely recommend visiting Gaston Farm. It’s open seasonally and for special events only, so have a look at their calendar beforehand. Otherwise Bockett’s Farm in Surrey is also an amazing day out if you’re more London based like me.



  1. Festus Kayode
    March 27, 2018 / 11:31 am

    Whoa! Well written Maria. I must say I have not been to the farm before but the way you have described almost every single detail contained within the environment would make anyone seriously consider paying the farm a visit. Very professional and encouraging indeed. Keep up the good work Maria. You can really go places with a blog of this magnitude.I wish you accelerated success in all you do.
    God bless.

  2. María Gregoria Zaldivar Ballojera
    March 26, 2018 / 12:08 pm

    Precioso comentario ,,,yo también estuve en esa granja hace años y lo recuerdo con mucho cariño
    Gracias por recordarme esos momentos..

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