My Straw Bag + 10 I’m Loving!

pom pom straw bag summer fashion toyshop

Straw bags – I have completely fallen in love with them this season, and what’s best is that they come in all shapes and sizes to suit any occasion. From the oversized design with bright bursts of colour, perfect to transform into your beach bag, to small, hard case numbers that complete any look, day or night. Then you’ve got the dip dye threads and quirky designs. I just knew I had to ‘invest’ in one, as they’re such a staple piece in any spring/summer wardrobe.

So when I nipped into Topshop at Oxford Street a few weeks back whilst my friend was down, I very quickly got sidetracked. You know the ground floor at the entrance, the one that’s always filled with bags and accessories? Well let me just say it was straw bag heaven and I made a purchase.
 pom pom straw bag summer fashion toyshop


I originally wanted more of a hard case design so that when you fill it up, it won’t drag. But this baby was just the perfect size (I feel like goldilocks) and I couldn’t resist the pom-pom touch – another trend I’m also loving but not sure I could pull off on clothing. What else? Well it features a detachable strap and gold accents. Not to mention, the inside is very Mary Poppins style, making it perfect to be my new work bag.


I’m still on the hunt for a couple more straw bags going into the summer season. If you follow me on Twitter you’d of seen that I haven’t shut up about booking summer holidays. I have a long weekend in Paris coming up in a few weeks, followed by mini break in Barcelona. There’s nothing I love more on holiday than that moment you get back into the your hotel room, you’re boiling hot and checking on your tan lines in the mirror, and then it’s time to start showering and getting ready for the night ahead. Now, I’m only taking a hand luggage on both of these breaks, which means I can only realistically carry one pair of heels and one clutch bag, which also means that I need a versatile pair of each as to match my evening dresses. So I’m currently on the hunt for a straw clutch bag, as well as in general I really want a round, straw bag on a long strap.


I have my eye on this beauty from Asos, although I’ve also seen online several similar designs in a darker straw colour that I think I’d prefer. Plus, eBay also has so many designs too at very affordable prices, so if you’re struggling to find your perfect match, you can shop old school and call it vintage. In the meantime, here’s 10 straw bags I’m currently loving that may help inspire your shop!


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