My First Tattoo

So I did something crazy. Well, crazy in my books. I got a tattoo. My very first tattoo and I am so happy with it. I’ve wanted a tattoo since before I can remember, but apart from the obvious reason that puts many people off them (not knowing what to get), my putting it on hold for countless years is probably a bit more pathetic. My parents hate tattoos and most piercings, and even though I’m over 18, my body, my choice, blah blah blah; it’s just never been that straight forward thinking in my books.

my first tattoo small wave

So why now? Well I had a tough start to the year (January’s seem to hate me these past two-years running), so in a bid to keep myself busy, but most of all, distracted, I decided to compile a list of 25 things to do before I turn 25. There was just one teeny, tiny problem though… my birthday at the time was in less than five months. So because of this some of the items on my list are not as far-fetched as others, but most of all, I had to get my arse into gear if I actually wanted to accomplish my bucket list.

Getting a tattoo was the very last thing I was meant to get done on my list, but I always knew that if I were to get one I wouldn’t be able to pre plan it and book it in as an appointment, cause being me, I’d chicken out on the morning. Instead I woke up one morning, the sun was shining and I hadn’t much planned for that day until the evening, so thought, fuck it, let’s do this. I walked about 20-minutes into town, dead nervous and thinking, ‘What the hell, am I actually doing this today?’, got there to be told to return at 2.30pm, which left me with quite a few hours of pure anticipation.

2.30pm came and there I was. Inside a tattoo parlour with only a few screenshots of what I had in mind – a small wave. The wait during the setup felt like the longest time, but I was more nervous for the pain. I got my cartilage pierced at the same place a month earlier, and it was the most painful experience; worse than a belly piercing a swear. Nevertheless, there I was and I was getting an actual tattoo in the next few minutes.

wave tattoo

Turns out the pain was nowhere near as bad as I’d thought, and nothing in comparison to a piercing. I asked the tattooist to begin with just a dot so I’d know what to expect, then she explained that if I held still she could be done with it in about a minute. That’s all. One short minute. All of this dread for the shortest amount of ‘pain’. Before I knew it I was inked and in love. Also, I just want to add that the tattooist said I did really well for being my first tattoo and having it on my ribs. I also strongly believe that she doesn’t say that to everyone lol.

I chose to get a tattoo of a wave because I’ve been in awe with the ocean ever since I was a tot. I repeatedly say on my blog that I still believe in mermaids (at least I’d like to think they’re real), but most of all the summer is my favourite season. I’m a Leo baby and you can leave me alone on a sandy beach for endless hours and it would never be long enough.

I looked at so many wave tattoos online and chose a few of my favourite designs before considering what exactly it was I liked about each of them, and then combining them into my final design. I wanted the wave to flow freely, with no harsh points or rises. I swear some of the images I came across looked more like a British sea storm than a Caribbean gentle breeze. I then asked the tattooist to finish the line with a couple of tiny peaks as opposed to a straight line.

So there we have it. I did it. After years of putting it off I got my very first – but most likely last – tattoo. If you made it this far in the post, firstly congratulations, but also comment ‘ocean’ down below!


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