St. Tropez ‘Escape to Paradise’ Review

st tropez fake self tan review

I honestly think I’ve found the best self-tanning product on the high street for spring/summer 2018. Ok so it’s obviously not a discovery as St. Tropez has been around since 1990, but I’ve only just tried their brand for the first time this weekend and their new collection has my heart.

Self-tanning products have a rep for leaving you three things: orange, patchy and smelling of biscuits, but not this beauty. St. Tropez have recently released the ‘self tan purity bronzing water mousse’ as part of their Escape to Paradise collection; and this light-weight concoction genuinely leaves you streak-free, but best of all it doesn’t stain your bed sheets and clothes. A dream come true considering I mostly fake tan in the summer, and my wardrobe features a lot of white numbers during these upcoming months.

st tropez fake self tan reviewst tropez fake self tan review

I use about 1-2 pumps of the mousse per body part and about 30-minutes later you can already begin to see it develop. My only complaint if you can call it that, is that the product does empty rather quickly. I’ve only applied it on two occasions and a good quarter of the bottle has already gone down. And compared to other self-tanning products I’ve used in the past including St Moriz that costs only £5, St. Tropez is more on the costly side. I did however find an online code that gets you 25% off at Boots – ‘STTROPEZ25’.

As any self-tan goes, I strongly recommend exfoliating from top to toe with an exfoliating glove, then moisturising any dry areas such as ankles, knees and elbows prior to application. It’s most common to use a mitt to apply the mousse, but I personally prefer using a pair of disposable gloves (similar to the ones that nurses/surgeons wear) as you can really control where and how much product you’re applying. Then voilà, you’ll wake in the morning with an even, golden brown tan, and zero transfer on your sheets or in the shower.



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