A Weekend in Paris

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to type up today’s post. I escaped for a mini break to Paris over three weeks ago now and I’ve been so eager to document what I got up to, but as usual life gets in the way. So I spent three days in Paris with my childhood bestie; flying out early on a Saturday morning and returning late afternoon on the Monday.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to holidays. I like to know exactly what I’m doing each day and prebook any possible excursions and transfers. But shockingly I didn’t do that this time around. Apart from having booked Disneyland for the Sunday, the rest of the days were a total blank in our books.

a weekend in paris france eiffel tower

I mean obviously there’s the typical sightseeing stuff like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and The Louvre, but this wasn’t our first rodeo so we wanted to see something different – the real Paris (she says, as though the top tourist attractions are a phoney). But I more so mean the nooks and crannies not written about in travel forums. The actual hidden gems of the city. So did we? Nope we didn’t. Somewhere in-between crêpes and my very uncomfortable sandals, the time just seemed to pass us by and before we knew it, we were back in our hostel getting ready for a much needed catch up over cocktails. But before I fast forward to Saturday night, here’s what we did with our first day…

arc de triomphe paris francea weekend in paris france paris hostel france

We landed in Paris around 10am and headed straight to our hostel after a fair bit of faffing around trying to work out the metro system. Then after dropping off our bags it was time for part one of our adventure – getting changed and applying a full face of make-up in a dingy disabled toilet. I’ve never stayed in a hostel before, and not gonna lie this probably wasn’t the ‘real hostel experience’ as my friend, Sarah kept reminding me. Asides from the tourist prices, our room was bloody massive, everything was a bit too classy and hotel-like with an underground club and separate roof terrace in the building. But hey, I’m not complaining. It was pretty perfect for what we wanted.

We then headed back into the metro and towards the Arc de Triomphe – you know, the ‘not real Paris’ scene I was trying to avoid for who knows what reason. Many photos later, we wandered towards the Eiffel Tower for a spot of street food by the Champ de Mars park.

cocktails in paris francecocktails in paris france rooftop bar

For our first night, we slapped on some lippy and headed to our hostel’s roof terrace for some cocktails under the sunset. The following day was going to spent in Disneyland so we didn’t want to go ‘out out’ as the kids say. Recovering from a hangover in your mid-twenties is not as easy as it was at uni.

Did someone say Disney?

Disneyland paris france photos

Disney is probably my favourite place in the world, and it is my absolute bucket list dream to visit all six parks in my life. I’ve so far been to Paris four times, California once and Florida once, so there’s three to go. Although Florida has got to be my favourite park by far, I do feel lucky to have Disneyland only a short plane ride away.

disneyland paris france disneyland paris france

My friend and I were such idiots on this visit though, and I don’t mean in the expected acting like big kids way, but in that we bought tickets online before our visit so we wouldn’t have to queue up, but then queued up for an hour anyway, kind of way. But nevertheless, it was now time to get lost in wonderland and first up was ‘It’s a small world’ as per Sarah’s request.

disneyland paris france disneyland paris france a small world ride

We did most of the big rollercoasters on our visit including Space Mountain, that’s been renamed ‘Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain’, and let me tell you the Star Wars theme tune as you’re in your seats waiting for take off has got to be my favourite theme park experience ever. I was chanting the soundtrack so loudly to my much embarrassed friend, whilst punching the air with my hand.

Another addition to the park is the beloved Marvel franchise which actually opens today. Although we were just a tad too early on our visit, one of the shops in the Studios already had souvenirs which of course I took advantage of. I’m also making it my mission to go back to Disneyland either this year or next specifically to visit the Marvel zone and get a picture with Captain America.

disneyland paris francedisneyland paris france fireworks

I had such an amazing trip with my friend last month. We’d hadn’t been away together since we were 15. That’s a shocking 10 years ago! And although we probably didn’t see as much as what most people do when they go away to Paris, it was fun to just hang out in a different country and spend longer than one night catching up. Until next time, Paris.


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