Mayfield Lavender Farm, Surrey

mayfield lavender surrey days out

It’s been summer in the UK for what feels like forever. In fact this has got to be the first summer in years where it’s been blue skies and 27 plus degrees for weeks on end. Not that I’m complaining though, I’m a summer baby and I’ve got tan lines for the first time in over a year – I’m chuffed!

There’s one thing I especially do love about summer though, and that’s the day trips. I always feel like there’s so much more to do when the sun is shining, whether that be going all out on a road trip or popping into your local village fair. However my favourite summer day trips have got to be the random ones like picking your own fruit that costs virtually nothing yet it’s a day out with a difference. This time around however I decided to be extra random and visit my local lavender field.

mayfield lavender surrey days out mayfield lavender surrey days out

Every summer my parents visit Mayfield Lavender, and my dad, being a photographer, always has heaps of pictures to show me, so this year I told myself I’d not leave it too late (lavender peak season is from July-August) and finally pay the field a little visit.

It’s not a huge field, but it’s definitely got everything you need to pass the afternoon by, including a café selling the biggest scones I’ve ever seen, along with lavender infused beverages and a vast array of homemade lavender cakes and biscuits. You can also buy any of these treats to take home. They’re all so beautifully presented as well with ribbons that they’d make a sweet gift. Next to the café also stands a separate gift shop with you’ve guessed it, all things lavender. We’re talking linen lavender bags, pillow sprays, organic oils, bath and body products and of course bunches and pots of lavender for your home and garden.

mayfield lavender surrey days out mayfield lavender surrey days out

I only spent the early afternoon at Mayfield Lavender but if you’re up for it you could easily lose hours wandering through the fields and discovering the different props they’ve set up – we walked past a telephone box! It really is a beautiful and relaxing place, and I could happily set up a chair and spend hours waiting to capture the wildlife around me on camera. The butterfly above was actually a lucky shot as I spotted it at random and managed to focus in time before it flew away.

Speaking of wildlife though, the website sure doesn’t warn you about the bees. The fields are absolutely swarming with them and you have to brace yourself and just go for it, walking in-between the lavender whilst praying you don’t get stung. Although it did make for a good laugh – I visited the fields with my friend Sophie and we were just cracking up watching the other do that silly, nervous jump you do when you think a bee is touching you.

mayfield lavender surrey days out

If you know of any random days out in the UK please comment them down below. The more random the better. Also feel free to leave a link to your own lavender field blogs. I’d love to have a read!




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