Home or Away to Australia?

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Home or away? This has been a question running endlessly through my mind for over a year now. But let me start from the very beginning. I was a few months old when I got on my first airplane, and since then I’ve been catching flights over four times a year. Growing up we often visited my family abroad in Spain – every easter, summer, Christmas and half term. Then as my sister and I grew older we started exploring more of the globe on family holidays to places like Sri Lanka, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and more… Travelling has been in my blood ever since I was a tot. Even now I make it my mission to escape the UK whenever I have the chance. This year alone I’ve been to Copenhagen, Paris and Barcelona, and already have more trips booked to the North of Spain and Croatia. Pretty much what I’m trying to say is that I need a permanent holiday, which brings me to this blog post.

I want to travel. It’s as simple as that. Except it’s not. Unlike many people I know who are currently half way around the globe, I don’t know exactly why I want to travel. And what do I even mean by travelling? There’s so many different ways of doing it and I haven’t figured out what the right way is for me.


Taking blogging with me

I think the right way for me though would be to take it as a ‘career’ move and blog and document everything. I really feel like there’s not a lot going on where I live. I’m only 30-minutes away from London but it’s where I grew up and it just doesn’t scream adventure to me. If I could pack a rucksack (attempt to pack just one rucksack that is), my camera and MacBook, I could really see myself getting stuck in and giving my blog 100%. I would aim to post on social media daily, my blog every other day, and possibly try vlogging it.

Going down under? 

For the past year I’ve been beyond obsessed with visiting Australia, so I think this would be my first stop (’cause I mean once you’re there you pretty much have to visit New Zealand and Bali). You know, nowhere too far or big… ekk! But on a serious note, they speak English (obviously), it’s warm year round (summer baby) depending where you go, and there’s so much variety to see and do. The typical Ozzy travel route often starts in Sydney working your way up the East Coast and stopping off at Byron Bay, before heading to Brisbane, spending a couple of nights at Fraser Island, continuing north to the Whitsunday Islands and finishing your travels in Cairns, the home of the Great Barrier Reef. I mean how could anyone not want to go to Australia by reading that alone?

What’s stopping me?

So what’s stopping me? It sounds like I’ve got it all planned out, right? Well a lot of things. Firstly you know that closing credit scene in Finding Nemo (ironically set it Sydney); the one where they finally escape the fish tank after spending the entire movie planning their escape route, and they end up in the harbour? And they all celebrate, then pause and look at each other and say, “Now what?” – well I have a feeling that may be me and that’s my biggest fear.

It’s all fair and well to say I’m going to go half way across the world and blog, but what if I end up with writer’s block and spend the next few months with no idea what to do? Travelling alone can be pretty lonely from what I’ve heard, and you can’t always rely on meeting people.

That’s the other thing – hostels! No part of sharing a room with a minimum of three other strangers, let alone a bathroom, is very appealing to me. But if I opt for a private room will I miss out? How much time do people exactly spend socialising in a small box? And do I really even care about meeting people? Maybe I say no now ’cause I’m going with the intention of focussing on my blog, but I could get lonely and depressed, then what?

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My reason to stay home

As I write this I have an appointment this very evening with a mortgage advisor. That’s right – adulting… A term us millennials use to describe horrible and responsible tasks we can only push aside for so long. I’ve been considering buying my first home through the Help to Buy system. I’m almost 25, still live at home and am desperate for some independence. If I buy now, can I rent it and travel? Or is that stupid and should I put adulting on hold for a bit longer? What would I regret most – not buying while I can or not travelling?

I need your help

Have you been travelling before and where did you go? Did you travel alone? What tips do you have and what would you recommend in terms of accommodation? Should I airbnb it, stay in a shared room or opt for a private dorm? Please leave links and/or comments below.




  1. BethRebecca
    July 31, 2018 / 4:18 pm

    Go for it while you can! You’re never going to regret going to Australia! Airbnb’s are really cheap but if you want to meet other travellers and have a good atmosphere then hostels would be a good choice xx

    Beth x | https://bethrebecca.com/

    • romidivito
      July 24, 2018 / 2:56 pm

      Thank you. Let me know what you decide to do. It’s so hard xx

  2. abbiejadewanders
    July 21, 2018 / 8:44 pm

    Do it! Myself and my boyfriend have made the decision to go starting in Singapore in November. Everyone said the classic ‘you will regret it, if you don’t’ and I don’t disagree with them.


    • romidivito
      July 21, 2018 / 9:00 pm

      That sounds amazing especially going with your boyfriend. I’d have to leave mine behind if I do go 🙁 xx

  3. Beth
    July 20, 2018 / 6:53 pm

    You go girl! You’ll regret it if you don’t. Even if you go for just 2 or 3 months. Because it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing – there’s nothing to say you have to stay there and nothing to stop you coming back if it isn’t for you.

    A mortgage can wait! 🙂 xxx

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