The Fall Tag – What I Love About Autumn

I love reading these types of blog posts. They really are a bit of light hearted fun and a great way to get to know a little more about the bloggers you follow. Not to mention autumn is probably my favourite season so what better post to be tagged in! Speaking of, I was tagged by the lovely Lauren from Diary of a Spanglish Girl to do ‘The Fall Tag’ – if you haven’t already, make sure you have a read of her tag here. They’re different questions to ones I will be answering below. But without ado, here’s my Fall Tag…

the fall autumn tag

Describe your feelings of autumn in three words

Crispy. Cosy. Romantic.

What three things do you hate about the season?

Especially at the moment, I am hating the cold. In the UK we’ve had about two weeks of that gorgeous autumnal feel – where you can venture out for the day in just a wooly jumper or denim jacket, and it’s somehow jumped straight into winter. I mean it was snowing in some places up North last week!

The second thing I hate has got to be how early it now gets dark. I’m all for the cosy nights in – in fact I love them – but it’s pitch black before I’ve even left the office at the moment. Thirdly, I kind of ‘hate’ how the best parts of autumn (pumpkin picking, Halloween and bonfire night) are all so close to each other and at the start of the season. It always feels like autumn has finished after 5th November and I’d love to drag them out more.

Autumn or spring. In your opinion, what’s more romantic?

Oh, this is an interesting question. I’d have to say autumn though, especially as I listed it as an answer to question one. As much as I hate the cold, one of my favourite things about being in a relationship are duvet days, and during autumn you don’t have to feel guilty about them. I also think pumpkin picking and bonfire night can be quite cute events to attend with your other half.

Which fashion trend do you often prefer in the autumn season?

As much as I love big wooly jumpers, one of my current favourite fashion trends is being able to dress a bit more ‘smart’. I love neutral colours and classic coats, with hats and scarves to accessorise. This season I’ve also discovered cigarette trousers and I’m living for them. I’m also loving leather leggings, and short dresses with knee high boots. Anything classic is my go to!

What’s your favourite thing about Disney in autumn?

This is such a Lauren question aha! Probably the Halloween decorations in the Disney parks.

Do you like baking in autumn? If so, what do you bake?

I love baking at all times of year. It was actually one of the main features on my blog when I first started The Beau Life. Unfortunately I rarely have time to bake anymore though, and haven’t had a chance to this season apart from for charity bake sales at work.

Do you love travelling in autumn or enjoying the season at home?

res wisely gardens the fall tag

I love day trips during autumn, such as Sunday strolls in Oxshot woods and Wimbledon common, as well as visiting garden centres and National Trust places. I don’t think I’ve ever particularly planned a trip abroad though especially because of the season.

What place do you wish to visit in the autumn season?

Disneyland for Halloween of course! Buuuut, next year I’ve already told my boyfriend that we have to go to Salem (and Boston) during autumn. The neighbourhood really goes all out on Halloween decor, and there’s also a museum of the witches of Salem that I’d love to visit.

Fairy lights or candles? What is your choice in autumn?

Candles. Hands down. TKMaxx have the best scented candles in autumn.

Share your favourite quote related to autumn

*googles quotes* “Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you”


I tag the following bloggers:


And these are my autumnal questions for you all to answer if you fancy joining in:

  1. Describe what the autumn weather looks like where you live
  2. What’s your typical autumnal weekend like?
  3. What’s your favourite childhood memory from autumn?
  4. Silent nights or windy/stormy ones?
  5. Do you enjoy movie nights in bed or by the fire?
  6. Describe your perfect date in the autumn
  7. Scary films – yay or nay?
  8. Are you more energetic in the autumn, or more laid back?
  9. Autumn or winter Starbucks/Costa hot drinks?
  10. Do you have a ‘go to’ autumn wardrobe?


  1. Macey Gloria
    November 5, 2018 / 10:44 pm

    I love all of these questions! I personally am such a fan of how dark it gets so quickly :’) I totally think that Autumn/Christmas time is the most romantic time ever, probably why I want to get married in December one day haha xx

  2. November 4, 2018 / 7:49 pm

    Oh thank you so much for the tag! Can’t wait to answer your questions. 😊 I’d love to visit Disneyland in autumn/Halloween time too, to see the decorations and Jack Skellington!

  3. November 3, 2018 / 1:57 pm

    I love these posts too! We only had snow where I live in the North East for a couple of hours last Saturday and then it melted. It is colder. I don’t like driving home in the dark either. I do love the changing leaves and all the autumnal fashion though it is my favourite!!

  4. November 3, 2018 / 1:11 pm

    Aww Romi! Thank you so much for tagging me on this one, I’d love to answer all of your questions but we don’t have Autumn here in the Philippines which totally sucks! 🙁 I’m so jealous with everyone wearing these cozy jumpers with warm tangerine colors & I’m also jealous about all those maple leaves that I see on everybody’s photos/Instagram feeds!

    Love all of your answers to Lauren’s questions, made me really want to experience Autumn even more! xx


    • romidivito
      November 3, 2018 / 1:19 pm

      Awh Mary i didn’t even think of that. You’ll need to come to visit one autumn and experience it all 😊 xx

      • November 3, 2018 / 1:21 pm

        That’s okay! I had fun reading it anyway. Yes, probably soon! I have an Aunt who lives in Colchester, UK and I’m dying to visit them soon. Fingers crossed. I need to experience all 4 seasons, especially Autumn! 🧡

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