10 Surrey + London Theatre Shows You Must See in 2019

In 2018 I shared with you some of my favourite theatre shows in and around Surrey; and I was very chuffed with the engagement it received. So I thought, being the start of a new year, it would be the perfect time to write out another list of what performances are coming to theatres in Surrey, in 2019.

Unlike my last list, I haven’t seen any of these shows (but one) in theatre, but they’ve all caught my attention for one reason or another. Please do let me know though if you have seen any of them, and what you recommend.

New Wimbledon Theatre

new wimbledon theatre shows 2019

The Full Monty – The Play by Simon Beaufoy

(29 April – 4th May)

So like I said, each show caught my attention for one reason or another. And as weird as it sounds, I used to watch The Fully Monty movie quite a bit as a kid (I mean on family movie nights. Not on my own. Although I’m not sure that helps). Anyway, New Wimbledon Theatre always put on great performances, so I can imagine The Full Monty will be a laugh to watch in the theatre with friends.

Wannabe – The Spice Girls Show

(21st June)

Following the hype of the Spice Girls tour, which tickets were released on 10th November 2018. For one night only, New Wimbledon Theatre will be hosting a Spice Girls tribute night, featuring hits from the girl band’s glory days. Personally, I’ve never been much of a fan of tribute acts, but I wanted to include this one just in case it’s up anyone else’s street.

Doctor Dolittle the Musical

(17th – 28th September)

Again – loved this film as a kid. Never seen this advertised in theatres before. Looks like fun, plus it’s a musical.


(11th – 16th November)

The casting is yet to be confirmed for this West End wonder, but considering it’s success in the city, I’d love the chance to watch Annie at Surrey prices.

Richmond Theatre

richmond theatre shows in surrey 2019

The Girl on the Train

(11th – 16th Feb)

Based on the best selling book of 2015, The Girl on the Train has since been adapted for the cinema, and now theatres. I’m more so curious how they will present a physiological thriller on stage, as I saw The Woman in Black in London last Christmas and didn’t find it nearly as scary as the movie.

Jimmy Carr – Terribly Funny

(5th May)

I’ve always wanted to see a live comedy show, so I’m thinking of watching some Jimmy Carr sketches on YouTube before deciding whether to book this.

New Victoria Theatre

new victoria theatre shows in surrey 2019

Anton & Erin – Dance Those Magical Musicals

(27th January)

Strictly Come Dancing fans will love this one. Anton du Beke and Erin Boag (AKA the nation’s favourite ballroom couple) are touring the UK this year. Locations in Surrey include New Victoria Theatre and Guildford G Live. Londoners can also catch them at the Barbican. See more UK dates here.

Dirty Dancing

(18th – 23rd March)

I included Dirty Dancing in last year’s must see theatre shows, but it’s so good that I wanted to include it again.

Calendar Girls – The Musical

(26th – 30th March)

This is such a fun, feel good movie, that I can only imagine it being exactly the same in theatres. May ask my mum to watch this one with me.


(10th – 15th June)

This is the same tour as the Annie in New Wimbledon Theatre, but seeing as it’s originally a West End performance, I didn’t want Woking locals to miss out.


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